Brett Hutchins

A Pensacola native, Brett graduated from Pace High School in 2005 before moving on to the Florida State University College of Business, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2009.

A self-professed music nut, Brett grew up a classic rock fan, but didn’t grasp the full power of the art until his time at FSU, where he took full advantage of free student concerts. The day after graduation, Brett embraced the Kerouac spirit with a cross-country trip to Colorado, where he hopped on board as a digital marketing intern with independent label SCI Fidelity Records.

That experience was invaluable, but he shortly traded snow for sand and the good old-fashioned southern comfort only home can provide. After returning to Pensacola, Brett worked for Hobbs Automotive Marketing, 2010-2015, and served as Director of Digital Marketing for Innisfree Hotels, 2016-2017.

Prior to joining Appleyard, Brett worked as a digital specialist for Sandy Sansing Automotive, where he oversaw every aspect of digital advertising for 12 different brands and 11 local dealerships. As part of Appleyard’s Digital Media team, Brett brings a wealth of experience in digital design and execution, an appreciation for the power of collaboration and a DIY attitude that is evident in his work, which can be found stamped across the region’s digital landscape.

In his free time, Brett lives and breathes the Pensacola live music scene. Most of his friends are in bands, for better or worse. If you go to many concerts in town, you’ve probably seen him shamelessly bouncing around. When not at local concerts, Brett can be found in his backyard hammock or knee-deep in the vinyl collection that eats up more of his monthly budget than he cares to admit.

Brett Hutchins
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