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Client Overview

Our history of working with Sacred Heart Health System began in 2000. We provide services such as design, traffic management, consulting and digital production services for the system’s four main hospitals and specialty networks. We plan and execute detailed online and television campaigns for sub-groups such as the Regional Heart and Vascular Institute and Children’s Hospital and for service lines like orthopedics and joint replacement.

We also assist with public relations and event planning, most recently helping celebrate Sacred Heart Hospital’s 100-year anniversary with the Sacred Heart Foundation annual report, and navigate the system’s acquisition of Bay Medical Center in Panama City and integration with the Non-VA Medical Care Program.

Services Rendered

T.V. Commercials

Print Advertising

Digital Advertising



Event PR and Promotion

Social Media

TV Ad ‘1915’

In 2015, Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola celebrated its 100th Anniversary. As part of a wide-ranging campaign, Appleyard Agency created a TV ad that was designed to transport viewers back in time, to 1915 when Sacred Heart first opened its doors. The ad used vintage black and white photographs and cleverly manipulated them to create a subtle but impressive 3D effect that aids in making people feel that they are a part of the historic scenes depicted. The gently humorous script and matching musical score round out this remarkable ad.

Annual Report Calendar

Appleyard first began helping Sacred Heart Health System put out its annual report in 2000. The combination report-calendars are a wonderful way for Sacred Heart to tell personal stories about patients that illustrate the progress they’ve made and their goals for the future. They also serve to acknowledge supporters and donors, highlight needs, and provide recipients with a handy calendar for the upcoming year.

Like the TV ad, the 2015 annual report celebrated Sacred Heart Hospital’s 100th Anniversary. The piece featured a timeline of milestones the hospital reached from 1915 to 2015 and a lively yet touching design filled with photos of people and families from all walks of life who have been helped by Sacred Heart.

Digital Ad Campaigns

Sacred Heart Health System encompasses four hospitals (in Pensacola, Destin, Panama City and Port St. Joe), Centers of Excellence for Heart, Stroke, Cancer, Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Bariatric Surgery and more, and hundreds of primary and specialty care physicians.

Appleyard Agency designs and animates sets of digital ads for Sacred Heart hospitals, services, physicians and more. The challenge is to make each message or story unique while maintaining overall brand cohesion. The stylish and effective animations are designed to draw the eye and punctuate elements of the story.


Only You TV

Sacred Heart Health System can make quite a few onlyclaims. Many are centered around caring for the health of children. Sacred Heart has the regions only Childrens Hospital, the only Level III Neonatal ICU, the only Pediatric Trauma Referral Center and the only dedicated Neonatal & Pediatric Transport.

Appleyard took The Plattersiconic Only Yousong and paired it with tender photos of young patients and their caregivers at Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital. Many of the still photos were recreated as black and white images, accentuated with bursts of Sacred Hearts traditional purple, and then elegantly animated for maximum impact. As Only Youplays in the background, the spot is punctuated by brief lines of text in a childlike font that help tell the story of what makes Sacred Heart Childrens Hospital so special.