Appleyard Agency Pensacola FL Advertising Marketing Blue Wahoos

Client Overview

Minor league baseball team the Pensacola Blue Wahoos is the Double-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. Appleyard Agency has been on deck since before Opening Day of the team’s inaugural season in 2012. Our work for the Blue Wahoos covers all the bases of marketing, from creative design, production and placement of TV commercials, print ads and animated digital ads to public relations and consulting for promotions, sponsorships,

event planning and advertising. Each year, we develop an advertising plan and refresh the look of the organization’s print, TV and digital ads, while staying focused on the marketing goals of promoting the Wahoos experience at Bayfront Stadium, building game attendance and promoting events, community activities and appearances by the team and its mascot, Kazoo.

Services Rendered

T.V. Commercials

Print Advertising

Digital Advertising


Event PR and Promotion

Animated Digital Ads

Practically any animation will attract the eye, but how do you hold the viewers interest? The Blue Wahoos provide us with static images, and we simulate motion, such as Kazoo riding a scooter across the field or boys running toward home base as the crowd goes wild. Animated text, logos, bases and buttons round out the stylish and engaging designs.


Animated Graphics for TV Ads

For their 2014 season, the Blue Wahoos wanted a dynamic ESPN feel to their TV ads, so our motion graphics design team created a highly complex yet fluid animation that simulates a rotating space-age jumbotron that draws viewers into the action with team photos, logos and game info on display. The spot ends with another powerful animation that takes viewers through a vortex of baseball bats, bases and neon lights and onto a stylized baseball field.

For the 2016 season, the goal was to emphasize the fan experience. Our vision for the spot begins with a baseball outfield, including realistic grass and a simulated outfield wall decorated with still photos of fans enjoying the “Wahoos Life.” The camera draws back through a display of 3D team logos and comes to rest in front of an animated 3D board for game info. The spot also features a 3D spinning team logo and 2016 ribbon banner.