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Ahead of the 2020 election, members of the Pensacola community came together with a mission to create a Children’s Services Council in Escambia County to uplift organizations working in early childhood education and wellness. 

The  measure required voter approval, and the Appleyard Agency volunteered our services to drive the “Vote Yes 4 Kids” campaign to urge passage . 

Following a robust public relations and social media marketing campaign that made use of branded artwork, testimonial videos, Facebook Live broadcasts and direct mail pieces, the Escambia Children’s Trust was approved with more than 60 percent of voters 

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The ECT team was able to gather 21 testimonials from real people within the community, community leaders and campaign supporters.

These videos were branded and used across social networks where they garnered 65,686 views! 

These testimonials were essential in communicating the benefits of the Children’s Trust for a variety of organizations, communities, and individual situations.

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Escambia Children’s Trust
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