Comprehensive Digital & Social

Marketing Services

Digital and social media marketing is expanding and evolving at such a rapid pace that many find it difficult to keep up with the terminology—paid, organic, native, conquesting, cross-device, programmatic, omnichannel, RTB—never mind navigating its rapidly shifting landscape. Appleyard Agency has not only embraced this innovative new frontier of advertising; our in-house experts are fast becoming trailblazers.

Take your business to the next level with next-generation digital and social media marketing services from Appleyard Agency.

Social Media Marketing (Paid & Organic) – We work closely with clients to identify the right social media mix, create and/or post customized content, and deliver targeted campaigns to meet your expectations and goals. We also offer social media monitoring.

Paid Search/SEM – It’s what gets your brand up into the top results when potential customers search on Google or Bing. Paid Search is flexible, affordable and effective if done right.

Geo-Fencing – Also known as location-based advertising, geo-fencing uses GPS and RFID technologies to block off a virtual area around your business so that only targeted customers receive your ads.

Conquesting – It identifies customers who are loyal to or considering your competitors and retargets them to your brand.

Mobile Advertising – People love using their mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets, notebooks, wearables, etc.), so if you want to reach them, you need a marketing partner who understands Mobile Advertising space and offerings.

Native Advertising – Delivered in-steam, native advertising is designed to blend in with third-party site content. The goal is to more effectively engage viewers by not disrupting or impeding their normal experience.

Cross-Device – Customers are making purchases using all sorts of devices and often move between devices (i.e. mobile phone to desktop to tablet) along the way. Cross-Device Marketing uses behavioral, deterministic and probabilistic data to match individuals to their various devices, then delivers a messaging campaign across each.

Pre-Roll Video – Cable-cutters and millennials are taking to online outlets like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube for their viewing pleasure. Pre-roll is a 15- or 30-second ad that must be viewed before watching online content. Appleyard Agency has in-house capabilities to shoot, produce, direct and edit your video ad.

Advanced TV – Streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), OTT (over the top) and TV Everywhere are all considered Advanced TV.  It uses cutting-edge technologies to more accurately target audiences, seamlessly execute programmatic ad buys across multiple devices, and provide far more meaningful campaign metrics.

Programmatic Digital – Highly sophisticated algorithms use predictive analysis to target audiences and place buys using real-time bidding (RTB), real-time auctions and programmatic direct. Appleyard Agency, along with our digital media partners, have won the Drum Digital Trading Awards top Grand Prix Award and the award for most effective programmatic media partnership.

Programmatic Audio/Streaming – It takes radio ads to the next level by adding digital marketing’s tracking and targeting capabilities. With streaming/digital audio (Spotify, iHeartRadio, podcasts, etc.), marketers can identify who is listening, what they’re listening to, and how they accessed it.

Influencer Advertising – An influencer is someone who has an established following or voice, such as a popular YouTuber or Instagrammer. Influencer Marketing is establishing a partnership with an influencer with the goal of increasing exposure and expanding reach. Credible influencers engage with target audiences in unique and powerful ways. Influencer marketing campaign could include blogging, vlogging, social media posts, public relations and events.

Reporting/Analytics – Appleyard goes way beyond CTRs (click-through rates). We monitor your digital and social campaigns 24/7 and provide you with marketing analysis and reporting that is both accurate and easy to absorb. We show you who you reached with your paid and organic campaigns and help you identify new audiences to target. We connect the data dots to give you a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing and how to make them even better.